Peggy/John AU: King and Lionheart

Story: Once upon time in a Kingdom beyond the mountains there lived Princess subjugated by her evil mother who fought to escape and become a hero amongst her people. On the other far side of the country lived a strange little Hobbit in his cute little Hobbit hole who secretly longed for adventure. On the day these two strangers met and fell in love a war on six sides began and they were separated, forced into believing they weren’t good for each other. Princesses were meant for towers and Hobbits for Hobbit holes. Alone, the Princess became a warrior, befriended  Gods and freed her Kingdom, while the Hobbit joined two lands, tamed dragon and became a Hero in his own right. Together they proved that they could be what they wanted despite what they were and that they’re love for each other, though unique, could safe worlds and change destinies.

Hi, Faith again. I made this silly little thing for my two good friends and brilliant rp partners Alix and Chris. They’ve had some hard times and have been bummed out for such a long time I hoped this could cheer them up. Watching them rp together is what inspired me to branch out and rp with other here on tumblr when I first began. They’re characters are brilliant, and together provide such adorable and angsty feels they made it to the list as my first ever OTP. Even if things have changed and John’s hardly around and Peggy’s grown—it doesn’t change how much I love their characters and will never affect how much I love these two. Stay awesome.

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